Bedford, New Hampshire – Great NH Restaurants is proud of their “We love great taste.®” mantra…and that extends also to their passion for serving up the best beverages to pair with their made-from-scratch menu. “Many of our guests really enjoy a great Pilsner and we knew that it was time to feature one that would meet their expectations,” states Jay Bolduc, Director of Bar/Beverage. Our Bully’s Great NH Pilsner (ABV: 5.2% IBU: 30) features heavy-handed rye malt which adds a mild spiciness, and is balanced by a light, fruity, floral hop aroma. A Pilsner is a type of Lager, but a bit lighter in color with a strong spicy flavor. In America, some 40 percent of drinkers list beer as their beverage of choice.

But why call it Bully’s Pilsner?

That’s where the fun really begins, and the Great NH Restaurant’s marketing team starts brainstorming the concept for their new pilsner. The team is very thoughtful in their process to be sure that all items fit the brand and culture of the company and their customers. According to Ben McGuire, designer of the unique and proprietary brand and tap, “The name came by chance as I discussed the great love of dogs at Great NH Restaurants, in particular, CEO Tom Boucher’s bulldog…let’s call it Bully’s Pilsner!” Bulldogs happen to be the most common dog mascot for colleges/sports teams and beer tends to be their most popular drink, so the name was a perfect fit to combine dog lovers, sports fans and beer drinkers all in one great Pilsner! The beer was crafted specifically for Great NH Restaurants by Sam Adams and will be featured on tap at all T-BONES, Cactus Jacks, CJ’s and Copper Door locations. “Our fans love to experience their favorite teams at our bars and this new feature will be a homerun,” states Bolduc.

Bully’s Pilsner Launch – August 26, 2019 – Monday – All locations from 6pm-8pm

Each location will feature samplings and giveaways. T-BONES, Cactus Jacks and CJ’s locations will also offer a special Burger &Bully’s Pilsner meal deal – Any menu Burger, Fries & 16oz Bully’s Pilsner for just $14.99 for the entire week.

In the spirit of dog lovers everywhere, and to further celebrate the launch of Bully’s Pilsner, a donation of $5,000 (based on 10% of sales up to $5,000), matched by $5,000 from (Great NH Restaurants Charitable Trust) will provide a substantial $10,000 to the New Hampshire SPCA. “What a great effort the creation of this new Pilsner has been. I couldn’t be more proud of my team to make this happen,” states Tom Boucher, Great NH Restaurants CEO. “I know our guests will love it and they will also appreciate the fact that we are taking care of our four legged friends!”