ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care, LRGHealthcare Announce Partnership

Partnership to Bring Urgent Care Center to Tilton, NH by Fall 2019

TILTON, NH – ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care and Lakes Region General Healthcare (LRGHealthcare) are teaming up to bring an affordable and convenient healthcare alternative to Tilton, NH residents and the surrounding communities. The two organizations began their informal relationship four and a half years ago, when ClearChoiceMD opened their Belmont center, and it has since grown with the later introduction of their Alton center.

ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care and LRGHealthcare have worked closely together to improve integrated healthcare options for residents in the Lakes Region. “Our success in the Lakes Region has been due in large part to our providers and staff, many of whom are well known to LRGHealthcare,” says ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care Founder & CEO Marcus Hampers, MD. “The hospital and the local practices have confidence in the quality of care we provide to their patients, and as a result, we have become a valuable resource when their clinics are overflowing or it’s after hours. Conversely, we know that when our patients require a higher level of service, we have been able to confidently offer LRGHealthcare as a convenient option.” The ongoing relationship between the two organizations has resulted in better and more coordinated care.

Recently, ClearChoiceMD and LRGHealthcare have decided to formalize their existing relationship with an official partnership of all three Lakes Region urgent care centers located in Belmont, Alton and coming soon to Tilton. “As we eagerly expand our operations into Tilton, we look forward to many more years of success in partnership with LRGHealthcare,” says Marcus Hampers, MD. “I would like to thank Mr. Kevin Donovan, CEO of LRGHealthcare for his forward thinking and for his commitment to providing our communities additional, affordable, and convenient access points for their episodic non-emergency care. We are proud to be part of LRGHealthcare’s vision to support healthier communities.”  

The Tilton, NH center will be located at 75 Laconia Road, in the Hobby Lobby parking lot, and is projected to open by early fall 2019.