This Week’s Program:

Ever wonder what it means to be an artist? Sometimes intimidated by art? Believe that you’re not “artistic”? Or maybe you’re an artistic genius? Regardless, come on out to beautiful Belknap woods to chuck those conceptions out the window and dive into the playful and wonderfully unconventional world of Andy Goldsworthy. Andy, an enigmatic bloke hailing from Scotland, challenges traditional art mediums and creates site-specific constructions using found natural materials – ice, snow, sticks, rocks, leaves, moss. As we explore Belknap woods, we’ll make our own Goldsworthy style creations and discover new frames to view the natural world through. Bring a camera to capture a souvenir of your work since we will not be removing any material from the forest – part of the magic of these creations is that they remain in place and eventually fade back into the forest floor.

Registration is required. Space is limited to 12 people.