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Meredith on Canvas on Do-The-Loop Trail, First Sunday of May, June & July with A Reception Aug 6, Meredith NH

June 4 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Get ready for Meredith on Canvas, a Plein Air Event. This event, organized by the Meredith On Canvas Group in conjunction with the Greater Meredith Program, is excited to announce the first ever event for plein air artists to paint at various areas on the Do-The-Loop Trail in Meredith on the first Sunday in May, June, and July, with a reception in August 6 featuring an artist meet and greet and sale at Karlins Wine, Cheese & Provisions, 20 Main Street in Meredith.
Plein air painting is of or relating to painting in outdoor daylight. Or relating to a branch of impressionism that attempts to represent outdoor light and air.
The public is encouraged to use the Do The Loop map and come watch these amazing artists as they create beautiful works of art featuring the sights in and around the town of Meredith and Meredith Bay on Lake Winnipesaukee.
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One of the artists attending the Sunday June 4th event is Joan Barnum. ‘I believe strongly that outdoor painting is essential for capturing the true essence of the natural world. When the New England weather doesn’t cooperate, I paint in my studio using plein air studies for inspiration.’

Born in N.H., Joan has lived most of her life here. In her current work she is exploring the ways that color saturation, color and/or value contrast, rendering, edges, and brushwork can move the eye through a painting.

Joan is one of many artists positioned around town for the public to see. The best viewing times are any time between 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Use the Meredith Do The Loop Map to observe and enjoy these talented artists at work.

For more info please visit www.greatermeredith.org/meredith-on-canvas.

Meredith On Canvas is working in conjunction with the Greater Meredith Program. Our mission is to create an event dedicated to enhancing the public’s awareness of outdoor painting while providing a venue for established and emerging artists to share creative endeavors with the public.

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