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Newfound Lake Region Association – Presents “State of the Lake” – Minot-Sleeper Library, Bristol NH

February 27 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Join the Newfound Lake Region Association (NLRA) on Tuesday, February 27th at 6pm at the Minot-Sleeper Library in Bristol for this year’s State of the Lake presentation, an annual look at water quality and the health of Newfound Lake. On the heels of a record-setting rainy summer, understanding the connections between lake and watershed are more important than ever. NLRA Conservation Program Manager, Paul Pellissier, will explore the results of last year’s lake & tributary monitoring and discuss NLRA’s efforts to protect the whole watershed.

NLRA monitors long-term trends in water quality for Newfound Lake and its tributaries. Understanding how these trends change over time gives us valuable insights into threats to lake health. Looking forward, NLRA puts that understanding to use when planning for future challenges. “Stormwater pollution from watershed development represents Newfound’s biggest threat to water quality.” says Pellissier. “It’s a problem of our own making, and we all have a part to play in its solution.” The State of the Lake will explore how water moves through Newfound’s landscapes, how what it picks along the way impacts the lake, and the new initiatives NLRA is rolling out to ensure Newfound remains a vibrant ecosystem into the future.

The NLRA’s mission is to protect Newfound Lake and its watershed.  The Association – through education, programs and collaboration – promotes conservation and preservation of the region’s natural, social, and economic resources.  With the vision of a cleaner, clearer Newfound Lake, NLRA is working to improve environmental health, expand land conservation, increase community support, grow watershed stewardship, and boost capacity to deliver their mission.  Learn more about employment, volunteer opportunities, and more ways to get involved at NewfoundLake.org.


February 27
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
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