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NH Brewers Association – Brew Festival

September 12 @ 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Brewers Festival!

The New Hampshire Brewers Festival has been a part of our July for several years. NOT this year! IT has taken us, that being the New Hampshire Brewers Association a little longer to figure out how to make this happen: AND it wasn’t easy.

A virtual brewers Festival is nice and all, but lets face it, a virtual beer is not as satisfying. We want to DRINK the beers, not just enjoy the color and look how pretty it is. We want to smell the aroma, feel the tickle of carbonation and the buzzz of the alcohol. There is nothing that a virtual beer tasting has for us, NOTHING and we know it. SO! The NHBA has negotiated, and figured a way with the COVID rules and laws to make this happen, while staying socially distanced.

1) Mark your calendar for September 12
2) Order a 6 or 12 pack of mystery beers online. Better get a T-shirt and a sticker too!
3) Pick up beer at Backyard Brewery between 12 and 4 on September 12
4) Go Home and tune into the Facebook Virtual Brewery Tour
5) Crack open the brews, enjoy the online tasting notes (in NHBA festival glasses included)
Here is a link to the Tickets (buy beer and tickets here)
You just has our best approximation of a brewers festival without being in harms way. BRILLIANT!

Trouble is Backyard Brewery is far far away, well at least for a six pack. AND there is not that social interaction piece. So lets see if we can fix that.

Wanna participate, but don’t want to drive down to Manchvegas? Yeah, Me either. Wanna have a bit of a social interaction surrounding beer? Yeah me too!
Wanna try beers from around the State you can’t get in the store! YES YES YES!

So, here is what we can do: This N That, LLC will allow us to participate in a socially distanced gatthering in ‘A Space for This N That’ which is the basement of the house next to the Dam Brewhouse (Beer with friends space). So that part is set, at least for a small group.

John is willing to pick up beers at the Backyard brewery! BUT here is the catch. the person behind the mask holding the ID, needs to match the person who placed the order. Therefore JOHN needs to be placing the BEER orders that he will pick up on September 12. If you order shirts, stickers, hat, other stuff, then place that order, but if you want John to pick up beer, you gotta get on John’s list to place the order.

John will pick up, bring back to This N That and stack in the fridge for 4:00. Bring your laptop, or enjoy our version of Facebook during the Virtual part of festival. Enjoy the first (and hopefully) the last virtual NH Brewers Festival.

And if you need a ride home, Let us help with that. Don’t be goin’ out drivin’ after too many beers…


September 12
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Dam Brewhouse
1323 NH-175
Campton, NH 03223 United States
(603) 726-4500