This Weekend
Labor Day Weekend!

We have rearranged our list of beers. First two taps are our newest beers. the next three, our constant always have beers, Dam Delight, Mud Puddle and Freestyle. The next three are seasonable, but not the newest, and the last two taps, 9 and 10 are just about gone and on last call. So it is newest, always, special, last call.

Our fementers have been full with our staples, so there is nothing new this weekend, BUT we do have a great line up, with NH Brewing, Straight out of Campton our other IPA’s. But Naked! a fantastic American wheat beer like nothing you have had before. Brewhouse Sunshine our Kolsh, Peanut Butter Cup and Li’l Blonde Thing. There is something for everybody!

We will start a batch of our Holiday Fruit and Spice. If you haven’t had this one, it is our counter to the Pumpkin beer. Everybody does pumpkin, we do all kinds of other fruit in our beer. This has Dates, Rasins, and Figs as well as Cinnimon and Cardamom, and is OH SO GOOD!
Our menu online:

In the Fermenters:
Party Time!, festbier
Freestyle, NE IPA
Holiday Fruit and Spice, Dry Irish Stout
60 Shillings, American Wheat
Keep NH Brewing, DIPA
Dam Delight, Light
Party Animal, Pale Ale