Waterville Valley

Waterville Valley, which lies in the woods to the east of Interstate 93’s exit in Campton, is a town of 260 people that was incorporated in 1829. But many locals say Waterville Valley really came to be in 1966, when Waterville Valley Resort and its world-class ski slopes opened for its first full season. For many visitors, the idyllic village itself is the main attraction. For others, it’s the events, the hiking, and of course, the skiing.

On the busiest winter weekends, the town expands by 4,000 to 6,000 people, most of whom come to ski. The resort was built by a company headed by Tom Corcoran, a two-time Olympian on the United States Ski Team and a member of the U.S. National Ski Hall of Fame. In 1966, Corcoran’s company purchased all the privately held land in the Waterville Valley – with the exception of the 20 privately held cottages – and began the process of developing a year-round resort. Today, the resort is one of the top ski destinations in the Northeast, and a frequent venue for national and international ski events.

The resort is not just a place for high-performance skiing and snowboarding. There are more than 45 miles of trails that serve cross-country and backwoods skiers during the winter, and help make up the hiking trails open in warmer months. In the summer, this beautiful valley is a dream for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. The Resort

community is all in walking distance with biking, hiking, swimming and shopping!  And the resort presents outdoor athletic recreation and special events year-round, as well as music events and special weekend programs. The resort’s village features 377 living units spread among its seven hotels, inns, and lodges, and features. There are numerous shops, such as Bookmongers and 1829 Outfitters, catering to most daily needs of the village’s occupants, and several restaurants, like La Hacienda Mexicana and Mulligans Tap Room and Eatery, lie among the stores. The resort also has a 9-hole golf course, 18 clay tennis courts, Corcoran’s Pond, mountain biking trails, a roller blade sport park, and numerous fishing spots. It has an athletic club with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, indoor tennis and handball courts, and weight rooms.

Summer hikers also choose Waterville because of the quality of its trails, which lie in the White Mountain National Forest. The Greeley Ponds and Elephant Rock trails are easy hikes, for instance, while the Mount Osceola Trail is rated as a moderate-difficulty hike, and there are several high-difficulty trails, like the Mount Tripyramid Trail, which traverses that mountain’s three 4,000-foot peaks.

The Welch-Dickey Loop Trail offers great views of the valley and southern White Mountains. It is a moderate/difficult 3-4 hour hike and is a popular destination in Waterville Valley. Waterville Cascades starts at Snow Mountain with a series of beautiful waterfalls for all to enjoy.

Waterville Valley is a perfect location for destination meetings, weddings and reunions. Once you are in the Valley you will have everything you need in one location. With Conference Centers, meeting space, restaurants and beautiful outdoor options, it’s the perfect location with a glorious scenic backdrop.  In the winter, skiing is the main draw to the town, which sits between seven 4,000-foot mountains (most trails are on Mount Techumseh). Of the 60 trails, 64 percent are rater for intermediate skiers; 14 percent of the trails are for novice-level skiers, and 22 percent are for advanced. Among the most difficult ski runs are trails named “True Grit” and “The Chute.” And skiers and snowboarders have access to what visitors say is one of the beast eating experiences in the valley at the Schwendi Hutte, which awaits them at the summit of Mount Tecumseh.

For more, visit:

– The town’s official website, www.watervillevalley.org.

– The ski resort’s website, www.waterville.com.

– For dining and shopping options, www.waterville.com/dining-shopping

Waterville Valley is a perfect location for meetings, weddings and reunions with conference centers and facilities along with a glorious scenic backdrop!