Lighthouse Proposal Meeting on the Witches – Monday, August 26 – Gilford

Please come to a public meeting to discuss a possible lighthouse on the Witches in Gilford on Lake Winnipesaukee.  The meeting will be presided over by Joyce Endee of Gilford and Capt. Timothy Dunleavy of Marine Patrol.  Boating safety is a concern for all of us who navigate our beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee.  Come to express your thoughts and interest about the construction of a state-approved lighthouse on the Witches on Monday, August 26, at 7 pm at the Gilford Town Hall.  The above photo shows an aerial photograph of the 32 acres of mainly submerged rocks and ledge that are very difficult to see when boating.  The submerged rocks would not be visible as shown in the photo when boating and varies with the height of the water.  The photo shows the rocks on a bright sunny day in a plane at an altitude of about 2,000 feet.  A beautiful lighthouse would be an awesome additional navigational aid and improve the visibility and safety of the Witches.   Marine Patrol has signs and buoys in the area and does an amazing job with navigational markers all over the Lake, but it would be great to improve the Witches area for everyone’s safety.  See you at the meeting!!!  Info Joyce (603) 528-4014