Lakes Region of New Hampshire offers the perfect vacation home location.

                Thousands of vacationers flock to the Lakes Region of New Hampshire every year to enjoy the rich landscape. They come year after year to capture their moments of vacation heaven. If that’s you, you’ve no doubt considered investing in a piece of this glorious lakefront real estate?

                While you may think that purchasing a second home in the Lakes Region is beyond your budget, remember that there has never been a better time to invest…and they just aren’t making any more lakefront! Many of the business people and residents in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire were just like you…vacationers who loved New Hampshire lakes so much, they made it their priority to live there.

With 273 lakes and ponds, including the famous Lake Winnipesaukee, there is a lakefront property that will suit just about anyone! If your idea of second home heaven is a wood-burning stove and a generator for power you can find a quiet rustic cabin to call your own. For some, having a grand mansion on the famous Governor’s Island on Lake Winnipesaukee is their ideal lakeside living. And there are plenty of condominium properties for those who prefer to leave the homeowner maintenance demands to someone else!

                Many homeowners take advantage of the region to offer their homes as rentals during the seasons that their home is not in use. This is a great way to make the investment sweeter. According to Lamprey Real Estate, most lakeside homeowners intend to make the home a family retreat that will stay in the family for generations. “There’s just something about Lakes Region living that connects people, gets in their blood, and becomes their way of life,” states Mary Lamprey Bare, owner of the real estate firm that has been selling lakeside homes since 1945. Even the Lamprey Real Estate office is located overlooking the lake in Center Harbor, NH. Mary and her entire staff know every nook and cranny of the Lakes Region, and taking home-buyers on tours is what makes their job so rewarding. Potential home-buyers get a real glimpse of the history that can be found in the region as they discuss potential properties sitting in the Lamprey office, which was once a horse barn and is filled with New Hampshire Lakes Region memorabilia.

For those who haven’t determined exactly what type of Lakes Region property they are interested in, an option is to seek out a vacation home rental property and try the region out for a season. Lakes Region Vacation Rentals, Preferred Vacation Rentals by Natural Retreats, Maxfield Real Estate and Bayside Rentals offer a wide variety of long and short-term rentals for those who really want to experience living in the region before they make the commitment to buy. These companies also offer summer home rentals for a week or even longer for families. This has become a popular option with the recent trends of extended families traveling together.