The League of NH Craftsmen Meredith Fine Craft Gallery would like to welcome three new artists to our gallery: Luanne Meader, Michele Lee, and Stephen Barlow.

Luanne Meader works with fiber. Luanne discovered her love for needle felting after picking up a needle felt project during Christmas one year to find she enjoyed the creativity and
repetitive motion. From there she pursued her interest and combined it with her love for wildlife and natural fiber. She has been working with fiber for about five years now and makes a lot of anthropomorphic animals that evolve into characters with their own personalities to her, similar to how characters in a book take on their own personalities for an author.

Michele Lee crafts metal jewelry. She first got into pottery when her aunt, a potter herself, passed away and wanted her ashes to be incorporated into a pottery glaze. Michele fulfilled her aunt’s wish and afterward continued working in that particular field. From her pottery work she discovered she also liked working with silver metal clay. What started as silver metal clay soon
became just metal itself, and she has continued to make metal pieces for the last five years. Her inspiration draws from her background of botanical illustration and fascination of shapes and textures. She enjoys looking at how things are formed in nature, and how people can take those forms and mold them into something unique, like how a potter forms bowls from clay.

Stephen Barlow specializes in woodwork. He originally went to school for building construction, but changed his mind when he discovered the Shaker style of woodwork. Stephen is largely self taught, and has been working in his craft for about thirty-four years. Originally inspired by the Shaker style of woodworking, he has since expanded into his own original ideas by making pieces with a more modern and practical style. In his own words, “time and persistence” have been his best learning tools in the craft of woodworking.
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