Press Release: April 25, 2022

The Loft at Hermit Woods, A Listening Room Experience, the Lakes Region’s newest Music Venue

With the completion of their new Loft space in 2021, Hermit Woods has been working hard to develop the Lakes Region’s newest music venue, The Loft at Hermit Woods, a listening room experience. The team at Hermit Woods has been working with WHB Concert and Production Services, Chris Mega, Pianist and Board Member of the Lakes Region Symphony Orchestra, and Dr. Jonathan Lorentz, Music Consultant and founder of NH Jazz Presents Concert Series. As a result, they have built a state-of-the-art performance venue with professional sound and lighting and a Yamaha C3 Grand Piano on stage.

It has been a dream of the founders of Hermit Woods over the past four years to create an intimate and personal music experience that they feel does not exist in the Lakes Region. Bob Manley, Co-Founder of Hermit Woods, had this to say: “The live music scene in our area has been on fire as of late. It is so exciting. With the opening of several new theaters, there are many opportunities to see local, regional, and national talent in our area. However, most of these venues are much larger than our venue. We wanted to create a space where your experience with the artists is up close and personal, easily achieved in our intimate 60-seat venue.”

Manley says he was inspired by Jon Lorentz’s outstanding job creating a listening room experience in 2011 and ’12, bringing talent from the New York and Boston area to NH with his NH Jazz series held at Pitman’s Freight Room the Margate. Unfortunately, since the programs at these venues ended, there hasn’t been anything to fill that void until now. Over the past year, Hermit Woods has been offering “Piano Nights,” featuring a wide variety of talented pianists. Although Piano Nights will continue, expanding to Friday and Saturday nights, Hermit Woods is now ready to add the listening room experience on Thursday nights. A listening room is a music venue that asks the audience to remain silent during performances to allow everyone to fully appreciate the music. In addition to enjoying the headline performance, guests will be able to enjoy an opening act, wine, local craft beer, and food from their farm-to-table eatery.

Bob said: “We are very excited about some of the talented artists that we will be bringing to Meredith from across New England and beyond.” Their first show will be on May 19 with Wangari Fahari, a Kenyan singer, writer, and founder of The Fahari Brand. Then, on May 26, they will be featuring the Daniela Schachter Trio, recently back from a tour in Italy. Finally, on June 2, they will be featuring the Ballroom Thieves. This Indie folk-rock duo hail from New England, where their big-hearted, energetic sound has evolved worldwide since gaining an audience in 2010. All shows will open at 6:00 pm with an opening act with the headliner coming on state at 7:30.

You can learn all about upcoming listening room shows, piano night, and other events and activities at Hermit Woods by visiting their calendar:

About Hermit Woods: Founded in 2011, Hermit Woods is a small boutique winery and eatery crafting fruit wine, meads, and ciders and producing farm-to-table cuisine. Our wines and ciders are local (as much as possible), vegan (except the honey wines), gluten-free, raw, and made from non-certified but mostly organic fruit. We always use the whole fruit and gentle hand processing. We style our wines, meads, and ciders after classic dry European wines and ciders. Hermit Woods sees over 25,000 visitors every year. These wines are available throughout New Hampshire and direct to consumers in 38 states.

Hermit Woods Winery and Eatery is located at 72 Main Street in Meredith, NH, and is open seven days a week year-round. Visit their website,, to learn more.

Bob Manley
72 Main Street
Meredith, NH 03253