This Weekend

The Last Week of Summer!

We have rearranged our list of beers. First two taps are our newest beers. the next three, our constant always have beers, Dam Delight, Mud Puddle and Freestyle. The next three are seasonable, but not the newest, and the last two taps, 9 and 10 are just about gone and on last call. So it is newest, always, special, last call.

Lets See, On Friday, We will bring out our LAST of our Keep NH Brewing beers. This time we have created a DIPA that tips the scales at 8% and keeps the same basic ingredients as our other two NH Brewing beers. Great Maine Malt House Pilsner malt and oatmeal and Crosby Hops Cascade and Centennial hops and a fun Kivek ale yeast from White Labs. YUMMY, If you enjoy DIPA’s you will love this one time run of Keep NH Brewing, DIPA.

And we have a 60 shilling Scottish ale, we call it 6T. Never had a Scottish ale, well it is time to change that! Brown or red in color, Scottish ales are rich in flavor of malt, caramel, a bit nutty and balanced with a little English hop bitterness. This is a ‘light’ ale, being only 3.4% ABV and 15IBU it is very drinkable.

And we will be packaging Party Animal for this weekend, so the Party Animal is back!

Our menu online:

In the Fermenters:

Party Time!, festbier

Freestyle, NE IPA

Holiday Fruit and Spice, Fruited Brown Ale

6T, Scottish Light

Keep NH Brewing, DIPA

Dam Delight, Light

Party Animal, Pale Ale