This Weekend
If you stopped by for Freestle on Sunday, you would have noticed that we had run out, of course only temporarily. We have it back again. Party Animal! is still bubbling away, a little more time boss, a little more time.

On Friday, (should we have the right permission from the state) we will get Camefire Kumbaya, our Smores brew, It is surprising how much of the Gram Crackers you get on the first bite, I mean sip, and the lingering dark chocolate at the end. It is surprising that your fingers don’t get sticky with marshmallows. And we have Teddy Hopper back for a bit, just one barrel so if it is a fave, get it while you can!

Next in the fermenters is Brittish Brunette and Holiday Fruit and Spice! It is getting cooler and it is time for some darker beers again. This year we made enough to last a while. MmMmm I can’t wait!