The Weekly Buzz

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Welcome to your weekly dose of the Buzz! We’re glad you’re here. Read on to see our featured mead of the week, things to do and learn about our rewards program. Oh, and there’s also a pretty sweet promo code in there somewhere too. Cheers!

hopped blueberry

One of our most popular. The Willamette hops balance out the light residual sweetness and give this mead a wonderful balance. An easy drinker, for sure.
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Staff favorites

Have a Game Night at Sap House
Feeling that cabin fever setting in? Get out of the house and come enjoy a game of Klask over some tacos and mead. You can’t go wrong with a little friendly competition, a hot meal and yummy drinks.
Little known fact- we’ve got a whole bookshelf full of games to choose from!

Rewards Program
Buy mead, earn points, save money. It’s that easy. Join our Rewards Program and earn points for every dollar you spend, the more points you get, the more you save! Get 25 bonus points just for signing up.

Calling all bartenders, cocktail enthusiasts and anyone who likes to make tasty drinks! This is your time to shine!
We want your best recipe for an original mead cocktail. And we want it, well.. soonish.
Here’s the fine print:
1. You must select one of the following meads to use in your recipe:
Hopped Blueberry
Sugar Maple
Raspberry Jam Sesharketingm
2. Submit your cocktail recipe to by April 15th, 2021. Be sure to include exact measurements, step by step instructions and an ingredients list. Don’t forget to give your cocktail a name and have fun!
3. We will pick our top three favorite recipes and make them on a live video. We’ll try them, and pick the winner!
4. That lucky person will receive a $50 gift card. The winning cocktail will be added to our menu and featured on the Sez Says Chalkboard.
If you need a few bottles to practice with, order online, use promo code COCKTAIL to get 20% off any of the bottles listed in rule #1.

Your friends at Sap House Meadery

Sugar Moon Fest
Mark your calendars for Saturday March 20th! Hobbs Brewing Company is holding a release party for their barrel-aged maple wee heavy, Sugar Moon. We will be in the beer garden with our sugar maple mead and a maple butternut squash bisque. Be sure to make this one of your maple weekend stops!
Check it out