Add To Your Room For $259 Per Couple

Looking To Discover New England Waterfalls?  Perfect.  We Have Two Choices, Guided or Self Guided

Guided Package Includes

  • Picnic Lunch
  • Personalized Guided Waterfall Tour
  • Full Country Breakfast at Your Private Table
  • Wi Fi
  • Parking
  • Coffee

Guided Tours

Snowvillage Inn Waterfall Guided Tour takes folks to the ultimate rock concert tour with knowledgeable guides

Leave your earplugs at home, this is not a Black Sabbath concert, but a visit to Sabbaday Falls, one of many waterfalls in the White Mountains that are falling over themselves to give you a fist-pumping show.

The Perfect Surroundings

Mt Washington Valley and the White Mountains offer a host of ideal venues for waterfall viewing.  Nowhere in New England are waterfalls as abundant and you will have an “all-access” pass.

Our rockstar guides from our Snowvillage Inn Waterfall Tour will drive you to the perfect spots to be mesmerized by the gushing falls, take you to an amazing waterfall picnic area for lunch and offer fascinating exclusives about each spot. Grab your honey and your camera for this seasonal backstage pass experience like none other!

After the weekend, you will sing praises to friends and family about all the good vibrations flowing over the weekend

So Memorable

“We are off the charts excited to offer this special guided tour to the magnificent waterfalls in the White Mountains and Mt. Washington Valley. After the incredible snow we had this past winter, the waterfalls are fast flowing, stunning and memorable experience,” says Jen Kovach Grammy Award Winning Innkeeper, Owner/Innkeeper at the Snowvillage Inn. “Be sure to call soon to reserve your spot.”

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