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6 Ways to Enjoy the Beauty of the Lakes Region This Spring

April 21, 2022

From trails to lakes and everything in between, the Lakes Region is rich with natural beauty. And what better time to celebrate that than during Earth Month?

Here, we give readers insight into the many ways they can take in the natural attributes of the area, and how to best enjoy them.

1. Get Grounded

Celebrate renewal this spring season by tending to your roots and paying homage to the countless native plants in New Hampshire from the comfort of your own backyard. From short-lived perennials like Common Foxglove to low-maintenance annuals like Petunias, there’s no shortage of indigenous vegetation for you to nurture and cultivate in the New Hampshire Lakes Region. One of the easiest to care for and most rewarding plants to see in full bloom is Butterfly Weed. Make room in your garden for this vibrant, fiery and herbaceous perennial that supports butterflies and other pollinators this season.

2. Enjoy the Fruits of Labor

Take a tour of one of New Hampshire’s own authentic meaderies to learn how the product is created from “hive to bottle” at Sap House Meadery. Also referred to as honey wine, mead is not only the perfect pairing for your next charcuterie board, but it’s also environmentally friendly and supports bees! Your hour-long tour with the meaderies founders, Matt and Ash, will keep you buzzing straight to the on-site pub where you can sample their seasonal brews and dig into light bites and hearty plates. Your afternoon plans just got a whole lot sweeter.

3. Hit the Trails

Spring in New England can feel like just a small window of time between winter and summer, but with this quick transition from snow-covered mountain tops to sprouted seedlings comes one of the best times of the year to venture out on a waterfall hike. Melting snow and ice create gushing waterfalls and fast-flowing rapids seen on some of the most popular trails in the Lakes Region. East of Mount Cardigan lies Welton Falls, a 3-mile moderate-level hike that leads ambitious adventurers to the iconic 15-foot falls. If you’ve made the trek on a particularly warm day, know that swimming is permitted here!

4. Eat With the Seasons

Nourish yourself while supporting the planet’s delicate ecosystem (and your community!) with seasonally available and locally sourced produce. Get a few tips from Moulton Farms on how you can grow your own spring mix in this video, or visit the farm to browse their on-site marketplace. Filled with their own non-GMO spring mix blend, baked goods, fresh seafood, and other items from New England farms and small businesses, they have everything you need for an afternoon picnic on the lake. We couldn’t think of a more idyllic day!

5. Ride the Wave

One activity we’re eager to dive, or should we say paddle, into this season is spending time on the water. Whether you choose to kayak, row, or paddleboard, we know the best spots to rent or buy your gear in the area. Wild Meadows, located in Moultonborough, will get you fully outfitted for a day on the lake. No experience is needed when you have one of their skilled naturalists join you on your expedition to show you the ropes and guide you along the way. There are countless places to explore and landscapes to see on the water in the Lakes Region; Squam Lake, Lake Winnipesaukee, and Ossipee are just a few of our favorites.

6. Forage Your Own Food

Grab a guidebook and explore the forests around the Lakes Region to identify edible plants, herbs, and mushrooms that you can harvest straight from the land. Create your own tea blends with herbs like dandelions, Eastern hemlock, and bayberry leaves, or set out on a quest to find highly sought-after greens like fiddleheads. Use your foraged goods for a grounding meal with a salad made from dandelion greens, wild leeks, and violet leaves for a pop of color. If you find these plants to be too bitter for your taste, sauté them with butter, and add a touch of garlic for some flavor. Happy hunting!

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